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One always wants to share impressions with friends, relatives and acquaintances after cheerful party, meeting and vacation. However, dull and monotonous views bore fast. Viewers can lose interest to photos due to lack of bright elements. Photo frames may not only make photos more attractive but can emphasize places where you had vacation or met your friends. There are frames with beaches, parties, classic wooden frames – every user can find a frame to his taste.
How to put a photo frame on photo?
1. Select the frame you want to use with a photo;
2. Upload a photo from your computer;
3. Point out the area that is going to be used;
4. Enjoy the result.
Dear users, pay attention to the fact that pointed area will be automatically enlarged if it happens to be smaller than the photo frame. This will decrease the quality of image. It is advised to use high resolution photos of excellent quality to avoid the effect of pixelation.
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