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halloween PSD collage


Action Effect for Photoshop 

name: halloween_fashion 

Archive complete: Instructions and JSX, PSD, TXT, JPEG 




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  • Duhsty 5 months ago

    Being that this site is not functioning, try these links to see if you can use them instead: 1. https://photofunia.com/ 2. https://funny.pho.to/
  • Duhsty 5 months ago

    I have over 1,000 points. I can download the folder to my hard drive and there is a list of files in it. But this is not why I came here. I made so many customized photos from this website, before it changed to the new layout. But now, things are different here, and it is no longer user friendly. I don't know why the change was made but, it is what it is. I periodically check this site to see if it has changed. Not so far. I like the old format better. So, I will keep going to other sites to make custom photos because this is not productive for me. Thanks anyway.
  • Nutmeizter 2 years ago

    I can't understand this layout I uses to like it
  • Clarut 2 years ago

    I can't figure out how to use it now
  • Chupa571 3 years ago

    Впечатляет !!!