How to Create a Retouching in SPARK AR combined with the Fast Color LUT Patch


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In this tutorial you learn how to combine a face retouching and the fast color LUT patch created by Josh Beckwith. Maybe you've seen this tutorial before ( where I show you the trouble with the retouching. A lot of people have this trouble to making the skin smoother combined with the color LUT in Spark AR. In this Spark AR tutorial I show you step by step how you solve this problem quickly.

Enjoy the Process.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Setting the Scene / add Color LUT with the Fast Color LUT Patch
4:05 Create the Retouching
6:02 Including the Retouching with the Face Tracker Texture

Don’t forget to thank @Josh Beckwith for his contribution.
You find his FastColorLUT Patch here:

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