Dust + Dust/Old Camera Effect + Song


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hi! so today's video is about making your own luts from Lightroom, add a little bit of authentic look with the dust and putting your own song. yay! Make sure to have the internet, mobile phone and a cup of coffee to not fall asleep during working your own filter. Every day was a hard day for everyone and I know that. Take care of yourself loves and don’t forget to like and subscribe.. A little step day by day to dream bigger and having hope for tomorrow ♡ Here’s the link to download the things that I use in the video; https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JLFTHMBsV08KcDNgStYaPbVMX73y1I1v?usp=sharing To download spark ar; https://sparkar.facebook.com/ar-studio/ The picture and song converter link; https://www.online-convert.com Mind creating the next filter? Here the link ;) https://youtu.be/a-w03AzIaB4

Published 3 years ago

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