Make Your Own 3D Instagram Filters │Spark AR Basics Tutorial


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Strap yourself in because we're taking a deep dive into augmented reality and 3d! Today we're going over how to make your own custom Instagram filter using Facebook's new free app called Spark AR Studio. It's simple, intuitive, and I honestly believe a lot of designers, motion graphics, & VFX artists will love it. I've been messing around with it for a few days and already, I'm realizing there's a lot of potential for Spark AR Studio to reshape the way augmented reality setups and cool visual effects are made in the future. In this tutorial, we'll be covering the interface, how to import 3d models, how to use face tracking, how to apply materials, and how to upload to preview on Instagram. Definitely a great starting place for the absolute beginner, or experienced Spark AR user looking to brush up on basics. If this is something you enjoy, let me know and we'll keep it coming! Make sure to hit subscribe because maybe we'll go over animation, patches, randomizers, and more in Spark AR.


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