Spark AR #06: Scripting-Nutcracker Facetracker


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Spark AR #06: Scripting-Nutcracker Facetracker

Hi everyone, today I am going to show you how to apply the value of the face movement to a plane by this Nutcracker demo. Let's start!

1) Separate the nutcracker into 2 layers - mouth & body (textures)
2) Create a Facetracker
3) Create 2 planes and be the children of the Facetracker
4) Apply the textures to Materials
5) Apply mouth material to plane0 and body material to plane1
6) Create a script
7) Inside script:
*1.Load Animation, FaceTracking, Scene.
*2.Create a variable of a plane
*3.Create a reference of mouth openness
*4.Clamp the value of driver of mouth openness
*5.Create a sampler
*6.Combing the driver and sampler
*7.Bind the scale animation to the y-axis of the plane



^Original Spark AR Demo Files:

^YouTube Video of this demo:

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