Spark AR: Instagram Filter - How to convert an mp3 for use in a filter


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To include sounds in your effect, Spark AR requires an m4a AAC 44.1kHz 16bit PCM file - so how the hell do we make one of those from an mp3 or a wav? Well, here's how using the free software Audacity.

First, download Audacity.

Second, download and install the FFMPEG Import/Export Library (this allows you to export to m4a):

Plugin link w/ installation directions:

OR (if you know how to install Audacity plugins)

FFmpeg plugin Direct Link (macOS):

Third, watch this video. The steps shown are:

Open your audio file in Audacity.
Convert to Mono and kill the left or right track (your choice).
Change the project rate to 44.1kHz
Change the format to 16bit
Change the rate to 44.1kHz
File--Export--Export Audio

I keep my quality pretty low on export because, frankly, I can't tell a difference on phone speakers - feel free to adjust as needed.

NOTE: If you change the rate to 44.1kHz and your audio speeds up or slows down - fret not! Simply highlight your waveform (CMD+A), select 'Effects', then 'Change Speed' and adjust your speed accordingly before export.

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