Spark AR Tutorial 9: How to Play Sound Effect on Mouth Open using Patch Editor


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In this Spark AR lesson, I'll show you how you can simply create a sound effect (in this case, duck voice) that playback when users open their mouths. So the sound file will be played when an event of 'Mouth Opening' occurs.

We'll first modify the .WAV file using Audacity audio editing software (free) and export it as a .M4A mono audio file that Spark AR recognizes then use the Patch Editor to play the file when the user opens his or her mouth.

This feature works for both Instagram and Facebook effects.

You can use any other audio file you want, but in this example, we'll use a funny Donald Duck like sound.

*The sound effect wasn't recorded properly, but it will work well for you when you follow these steps on Spark AR. I'll correct it next time so the sound of the system will be recorded as well. Sorry about that.

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