Spark AR Yennefer Look a Like Tutorial [Change your Eyecolor, MakeUp, add 3D Eyelashes]


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Learn in this tutorial, how to 'Look a Like' Yennefer from the Netflix series Witcher. In this tutorial you will not only learn how to color the pupils for Instagram filter in Spark AR. But also how to create a makeup with glow effect and how to add 3d eyelashes. You will learn useful hacks in the Patch Editor and new tricks about Spark AR. Finally, you'll learn how to model your face in Spark AR. Attention: Filters with modelled faces will not be published by Facebook.

Enjoy the process.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Start with the Color Setting to Your Scene
3:45 Chance Your Eye Color
10:12 Add the Makeup to Your Face Mesh
14:32 Add 3D Lashes with the Eyelash Block
19:13 Change Your Face Shape

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