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Spark AR: Instagram Filter - How to convert an mp3 for use i... 0    0

To include sounds in your effect, Spark AR requires an m4a AAC 44.1kHz 16bit PCM file - so how the hell do we make one of those from an mp3 or a wav? Well, here's how using the free software audacity....

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Cómo hacer filtros de instagram con música Tutorial Spark ... 0    0

Vamos a aprender a crear un efecto para instagram con música. Primero deberás descargar en tu computadora un programa llamado audacity, aqui te dejo el enlace:

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Spark AR Tutorial 9: How to Play Sound Effect on Mouth Open ... 0    0

In this Spark AR lesson, I'll show you how you can simply create a sound effect (in this case, duck voice) that playback when users open their mouths. So the sound file will be played when an event of...

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Cara Menambahkan Lagu/Audio ke Spark AR | Tanpa Aplikasi Eks... 0    0

Hello! Di tutorial kali ini, gw bakal ngajarin kalian cara memasukan audio ke spark AR. Dari dulu gw udah bereksperimen buat masukin audio dan gagal berkali. Ada yang suaranya jadi sember, gabisa ...

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