Instagram Filter Tutorial | How to customize your Gallery Picker in SPARK AR


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Learn how to add the Gallery Picker to your Instagram filter in Spark AR and how to switch between different frames using 'screen tap'. I'll show you how to use different screen events to adjust the scale, rotation and position of your Gallery Picker to become more flexible with your filter settings.

△ Make sure you add the newest UPDATE V91: 'Preview effects that use the gallery picker in the Simulator. When you add the gallery texture to your scene, an Add Media button will appear in the Simulator. Use this to add image files and preview the effect.' – SPARK AR

Enjoy the Process.

0:00 Intro
0:41 set the scene
3:45 add media gallery texture
7:50 switch between frames via screen tap
11:16 using screen events for rotation, size and position
17:40 follow your head bonus

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Cat Image: @niuhang

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Basic Assets:
Spark AR Studio:
Spar AR Effect Manager:

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Kamera: MacBookPro
Postproduktion: Premier CC + After Effects CC

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